Sunday, 12 February 2017

Herrmann's Brain cards.....WHAT?!?!?!

It's the fourth day of school and I couldn't be "HAPPIER".....Jk I'm happy I'm back to school, getting new people in my Hub (For american's it's like homeroom.) We have been getting to know the new hub members and bringing them into the routine of high school. It's been great fun. (Just to sum out, I'm in New Zealand. NO IT'S NOT MIDDLE EARTH!!! There aren't flying dragons and Hobbits everywhere!!!!!)

But on the second day, our hub coach (teacher) Tracey, brought us into a break out space (Kind of like an area were we can hang at lunch time and interval.) She got us to sit down in a circle and gave us yellow, blue, green, and red cards, two of every color. The yellow cards represent imaginative, The blue cards represent strategize, The green cards represent organized, and the red cards represent relatable. These particular cards had different words with definitions on them, relating to the particular cards. After we got the cards, we had the choice to either keep them or swap them with the people around us, this was because the words and definitions on the cards might not relate to us. So we swap them with the people around us and arrange them into a line, the top of the line being most like me leading to the bottom which is least like me. The list cards I chose were DreamerImaginativePassionateEmotionalCaringDirectCommunicative, and Factual.
In my opinion, these cards make me up as a person. As you can see there is a lot of red, and two even amounts of blue and yellow, but no green.

I'm not a very organized person, I can't stick to long tasks because I lose focus very quickly, but with short tasks I can focus all of my energy into it so I can finish it. Looking at red which is focused on relatable which to me means I can relate close to my creative side.

That's it for now :)

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